Benefits of Using a Golf Rangefinder


There are certain gadgets that can you improve your golf game.  One of them is a golf range finder. A golf course has signs of distances, but a rangefinder device is more accurate. An accurate data of how your ball from the hole can help you adjust your swing.


There are some basic features you'd want a rangefinder from this website to have. You want it to have the best magnification, excellent display, enduring battery life, weight and dimension that makes it handy to use and has a slope. The slope, however, is illegal according to USGA, but if you are not playing in tournaments, there is no reason for you not to get a rangefinder with one.


There are two kinds of  rangefinder - the GPS and laser. Most of the rangefinders falling under these two types are legal to use in tournaments.  But how do you find out which one is the right one for you?


To determine which rangefinder can help you play your best, first you must find out what kind of courses you usually play in. If home course has plenty of doglegs and blind tee shots and abrupt elevation changes, then, get a GPS based rangefinder. These rangefinders get distances data from satellites which means you do not have to see the target to determine how far it is. On the other hand, a laser rangefinder requires you to point it at the target. It is practically useless when the target can't be seen.


You should also consider your skill level. If consistency is something you're still working on, a laser that considers the slope in every hole is your best option. This kind of rangefinder is a bit pricey, though. More about this are available when you surf over to the link to check it out!


Finally, there's your budget.  Depending on built-in features you want, the price of a rangefinder can range a low $150 to as high as $600. There are rangefinders that store distances on the courses you usually play, show colored maps of the holes and has tracking range of up to about 1600 yards. Before you buy a rangefinder, make sure you know the features that can improve your game.


There are many models of rangefinders. You will find them sold in many internet websites. The sheer number of choices can make it difficult for you to find the unit that suits you best.  Reading golf rangefinder reviews can help you make the right decision of which to buy.